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Trouvés, French for small “found” treasures, are handmade book objects that put a unique face on contemporary photography. In book form or in a slipcase, bound in silk or leather, these limited-edition finds are collectors’ items and make wonderful gifts. In this especially personal form of presentation, the photographer chooses materials with high tactile appeal in which to envelop his or her images.
These one-of-a-kind objects have now found a temporary home at Kehrer Verlag, where it will be easier for lovers of beautiful things to find them!

Kehrerverlag - Dana Stölzgen
Dana Stölzgen

Open this hatch and begin a journey through deserted rooms, passing abandoned objects.

ISBN ohne / without
89,00 Euro

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Kehrerverlag - Malte Nies und Tobias Premper
Malte Nies und Tobias Premper
Der unmögliche Spaziergang

The books »Bald« (»Soon«), »Der unmögliche Spaziergang« (»The Impossible Walk«) and »Hermannplatz« represent the latest collaborative works by photographer Malte Nies and writer Tobias Premper.

ISBN keine / without
160 Euro

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Kehrerverlag - Rosemarie Zens
Rosemarie Zens
Carousel of Time

Children can express their Being in a primary and elemental way. For the most part they perform themselves in their stories of theatrical situations

ISBN ohne / without
Euro 35,–

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Kehrerverlag - Sarah Hildebrand
Sarah Hildebrand

ISBN ohne / without
Euro 55

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Kehrerverlag - Sigrid Ehemann
Sigrid Ehemann
I Want Pink. The Perfect Manual to Sakura

Sakura – The Japanese cherryblossom is one of the most important symbols of the Japanese culture. It stands for beauty, awakening and evanescence. The cherryblossom season marks a climax in the Japanese calendar and the beginning of spring.

ISBN ohne/without
Euro 30,-

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Kehrerverlag - Tamany Baker - Dark Light
Tamany Baker - Dark Light

Dark Light is a series of impressions of Iceland photographed in the summer and winter months.

ISBN keine / without
250 Euro

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Kehrerverlag - Tamany Baker - Living with Wolfie
Tamany Baker - Living with Wolfie

Without the “gifts” given her by her cat Wolfie, these images would never have come about: English photographer Tamany Baker kept finding small dead animals in and around the house that her four-legged companion had caught.

ISBN keine / without
350 Euro

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Kehrerverlag - Tine Guns
Tine Guns
Amoureux Solitaire

‘Amoureux Solitaire’ is an artist book which investigates the use of montage within a book.

ISBN ohne / without
Euro 25,00

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Kehrerverlag - Øyvind Hjelmen - House that was Home
Øyvind Hjelmen - House that was Home

In his detail-rich, subdued black-and-white photographs, Norwegian photographer Oyvind Hjelmen documents the changes in a house that was home to generations and now is gradually disintegrating.

ISBN keine / without
300 Euro

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